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Gazprom Neft establishes new “Gazpromneft-Polytech” centre in conjunction with Peter the Great St Petersburg State Polytechnic University

Gazprom Neft has entered into an agreement with the Peter the Great St Petersburg State Polytechnic State University envisaging the establishment of a new science and education facility, “Gazpromneft-Polytech”. From September 2015 the centre will be offering a two-year master’s programme in “Mathematical Modelling in Oil and Gas Production”, through the centre’s Theoretical Mechanics faculty.

A second area of focus for the Gazpromneft-Polytech centre will be the implementation of research and development activities in oil and gas field development consistent with the company’s requirements. Areas of collaboration between university academics, Gazprom Neft specialists and future master’s graduates will include geo-mechanical modelling, the development of mathematical models for the optimisation of drilling processes, the development of new strategies for determining the elastic properties of strata, and others.

To ensure an optimum experience in education and research all lecture theatres, classrooms and laboratories at the centre will, thanks to Gazprom Neft, be fully equipped with all necessary equipment.

Gazprom Neft First Deputy CEO Vadim Yakovlev commented: “Our company is actively involved in the development of hard-to-recover and non-traditional hydrocarbon reserves. The opening of the Gazpromneft-Polytech centre will take the training of young professionals to a new level, bringing together academic knowledge and the application of new technologies as developed by Gazprom Neft. In recruiting leading academics from a Russian university to address real-world issues we are, also, further expanding the company’s knowledge base.”

Long-term HR strategy at Gazprom Neft is directed at recruiting professional colleagues with high potential — allowing us to implement effective and wide-ranging technological projects, in line with the company’s business objectives. For that reason we have put in place a viable programme for the training of young oil and gas specialists, at every stage of their education and development. I have every confidence that, through close cooperation with one of the most important higher educational establishments in St Petersburg, we will be able to attract talented and genuinely engaged staff to our team.“

Notes for editors

Gazprom Neft is currently implementing a comprehensive programme to support the recruitment and training of specialists throughout every stage of their education and development.

Engineering and technical classes are being made available, through sponsorship from Gazprom Neft, throughout key regions in which the company operates. Cooperation on this basis allows school leavers to access in-depth training in the subjects they will need to become specialists in the oil and gas industry. Graduates of these specialist classes continue their education at higher educational establishments partnering with the company. More than 70 high school students studied with Gazprom Neft on this basis in 2014.

Two key faculties have been established with the support of Gazprom Neft — “Geology of Hydrocarbon Systems” at the Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University, and “Oil Refining” at the Omsk State Technological University, Omsk. Master’s degrees are now being offered (through support from Gazprom Neft) at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and at St Petersburg State University.

A Joint Scientific and Research Centre for Innovation Technologies (JSRC) founded jointly by the Gazpromneft-Scientific and Technical Centre and the Saint-Petersburg State Mining University (SPSMU) has been in operation since 2 February, 2011. Every year more than 500 students undergo practical training at enterprises throughout Gazprom Neft.

One outstanding example of the company’s work in engaging talented young people was the first “Oil and Gas Moot Competition”, held by Gazprom Neft in 2014. Bringing together more than 5,200 participants, its format, geographic range and sheer number of participants made this a unique event in the Russian oil industry.