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Gazprom Neft Expands G-Drive Petrol Sales Geography

Gazprom Neft starts its G-Drive motor fuel distribution throughout the key regions where the company operates its filling stations. Since December 2010 Gazprom Neft has conducted test sales of this premium quality fuel in the North-West region. In August 2011, G-Drive was introduced at the filling stations in Moscow and in the Central region, and then, in September, in Yaroslavl, Ivanovo and Ekaterinburg. In October, the sale is scheduled to begin in the Kuzbass, Omsk and Novosibirsk regions, and by the end of 2011 G-Drive fuel will be introduced in more than 20 regions where Gazprom Neft operates its filling stations.

G-Drive premium quality motor fuel contains active additives which increase engine efficiency as well as provide professional protection to the fuel system. Independent tests on vehicles from various manufacturers confirmed that the use of G-Drive fuel increases engine power up to 12% and improves the acceleration dynamics up to 1.8 seconds.

Due to detergent additive, regular use of G-Drive helps to reduce soot deposits in engine more than tenfold compared to standard petrol. G-Drive also prevents further soot depositions and protects the engine fuel system from corrosion.

G-Drive fuel contains a unique component - friction modifier, which minimises abrasion between construction elements and improves the efficiency of the engine. The result is a significant increase in power and improvement in the acceleration dynamic.

Using G-Drive petrol also helps to reduce fuel consumption and pollution. The carbon monoxide containing in the emission is reduced by 32%, hydrocarbons by 8%, and nitrogen oxide by 16%.

Notes for editors

Gazprom Neft has an extensive network of filling stations which comprises about 1,100 stations throughout Russia and the CIS. The broad geography of the Gazprom Neft’s filling station network and the advantageous locations of the Omsk, Moscow and Yaroslavl refineries have enabled Gazprom Neft to lead the wholesale and retail markets in Western Siberia and Central Russia.

In 2010, sales of petroleum products through the company’s filling station network in Russia increased by 18% and amounted to 3.047 million tonnes. The average volume of petroleum product sales per filling station increased by 11% and amounted to 10.1 tonnes per day.

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