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Gazprom Neft expands its line of premium motor fuels

G-DRIVE 98Gazprom Neft has launched a new premium-class 98 octane fuel under the G-Drive open a new window brand. Sale of the new fuel has already begun at Gazpromneft gas stations in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Oblast.

G-Drive 98 high-technology enhanced-quality fuel contains components developed by leading international experts in the field of improving the efficiency of engine operation. An active set of additives boosts the engine's power, improves the car's response and acceleration, cleans the fuel system from most deposits, hinders subsequent formation of deposits, and also helps reduce fuel consumption.

"The advent of the new G-Drive 98 brand fuel is a logical step in the development of the company's line of premium fuels. A similar 95 octane G-Drive premium fuel has been sold at Gazpromneft gas stations throughout Russia during recent years, and has been highly rated by customers. At the end of 2012, 30 percent of all 95 octane gasoline sold at gas stations that carry such fuel was G-Drive," said Gazprom Neft Regional Sales Director Alexander Krylov.

Notes for editors

The unique thermostable component of G-Drive open a new window fuel forms a protective film between the piston and the cylinder wall of the engine, which reduces friction and helps increase power and improve the car's acceleration.

The reduction of friction in the engine through use of a special modifier, part of the fuel's combination of active additives, helps improve the car's response.

The constant use of G-Drive gasoline reduces the formation of deposits on intake valves and fuel injectors, and makes it possible to maintain the optimal factory settings of the fuel injection systems in new cars and maintain them in older cars.

The cleansing component of G-Drive fuel removes deposits that have formed in the engine's fuel system and prevents the formation of new deposits. In the new generations of fuel-efficient engines with direct fuel injection, an optimal dispersion of fuel and reduction of fuel consumption is achieved by preventing fuel injector fouling.

The harmful emissions content in automobile exhaust is reduced substantially through the cleansing action and improved efficiency of engines running on G-Drive fuel.