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Gazprom Neft Expands Social Projects in Yamal


Gazprom Neft and the Government of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YNAO) have entered into a partnership agreement for 2013-2015. The document was signed by the Chairman of Gazprom Neft's Management Board Aleksandr Dyukov and YNAO Governor Dmitry Kobylkin.

The agreement looks at increasing the number of Gazprom Neft's social projects designed to improve the quality of life on the Yamal Peninsula. One of the key priorities for the company's social policy remains the building of a modern social- and sports infrastructure. Among the major projects slated to be implemented in the next few years is the construction of the Avant-Garde Hockey Center in Noyabrsk, the Zenit Sports Arena in Muravlenko, and a soccer/track-and-field stadium in Tarko-Sale. Additionally, Gazprom Neft will finance the construction and repair of socially-significant facilities: homes, schools, and preschools.

Aleksandr Dyukov said, "The Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug has been and continues to be one of Gazprom Neft's key areas of operation, this is where our largest production assets are. A significant portion of the investments being made by Gazprom Neft are going to Yamal. We're financing more than just our own industrial program. Substantial resources are expended on social projects as well. Creating sports facilities and promoting a healthy lifestyle are important initiatives for us. A striking example of this philosophy was the Yuri Morozov Zenit Sports Arena, which opened in Noyabrsk at the beginning of September. The construction of the new sports facilities that the company will finance in the next few years will once again demonstrate, in deed, our commitment to social responsibility".

"Gazprom Neft has long been our trusted partner, and we're certain that future collaboration will be just as productive," said Dmitry Kobylkin. "The company's funds have already been used in Yamal cities and settlements to build modern sporting facilities, multi-purpose sports fields and homes. By 2015, we'll be able to open several more major sports facilities in Noyabrsk, Muravlenko, and the Purovsk district. All of this is intended to improve the quality of life for the residents of the Yamal Peninsula".

Notes for editors

One of Gazprom Neft's key projects in 2012 has been the construction of the Zenit Sports Arena, the largest sports arena in Noyabrsk and one of a series of similar sports facilities. Zenit sports facilities have already been in operation for several years in Muravlenko and the Purpe settlement in the Purovsk district. Promoting a healthy lifestyle through familiar and popular sports brands has allowed Zenit Soccer Club open a new window and Avant-Garde Hockey Club open a new window, which Gazprom Neft has sponsored for many years, to be involved in the company's projects. Club support has included organizing special events, assistance in fans' treks to games, training sessions and interviews with players, and attracting a large number of youth to play sports.

As part of a program financed by Gazprom Neft to create sports facilities that can be accessed by walking, eight multi-purpose sports fields have been brought into operation: 7 in Noyabrsk and 1 in Muravlenko. Another 3 mini-stadiums are scheduled to be built in Muravlenko before the end of the year. Gazprom Neft is also funding the construction of a soccer/track-and-field stadium in Noyabrsk and sports facilities in Tarko-Sale, the Khanymey settlement, and the Vyngapurov neighborhood.

Moreover, in Muravlenko, Gazprom Neft is completing the construction of a 120-unit housing complex with a total area of 8,000 m2, and financing the renovation of the Sadyrin Fitness Center, which includes expanding the playing field to regional competitive standards, creating a spectator area, and constructing multi-purpose rooms for boxing and wrestling.