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Gazprom Neft filling station network launches “Saparybyz Bir” (“On Our Way!”) loyalty programme in Kyrgyz Republic

The “Saparybyz Bir” (“On Our Way!”) loyalty programme has been operating throughout Bishkek and the Chuisk Oblast since early 2016. Any client can obtain their own loyalty card, earn points on every purchase at any Gazprom Neft filling station, save them up and use them to pay for fuel and goods at any filling station throughout the network.

Programme participants can save up to three percent of the cost when filling up. The higher the spend, the more points added to the card. Participants will be awarded “silver”, “gold” or “platinum” status, depending on their spend in any one month, enabling them to save up to three percent of fuel costs. Cardholders also see their points balance increased by a further one percent on their birthday.

Information on programme rules, special promotions, and a handy calculator to work out bonuses accumulated are available at Total accumulated and saved points will be reflected on till receipts. All loyalty card transactions can be verified via purchasers’ online accounts.

None of Kyrgyzstan’s other filling station networks currently offer such programmes. The number of “Saparybyz Bir (On Our Way!”) cardholders reached more than 12,000 in its first month of operation. The company’s “On Our Way!” loyalty programme has been operating in Russia since 2009, with more than six million people having signed up.

Samat Bazarbaev, Gazprom Neft Kyrgyzstan Deputy CEO for Retail Sales, commented: “The Saparybyz Bir (On Our Way!”) card is an effective way of filling up with good quality fuel, at a discount, with regular Gazprom Neft filling station clients being offered the opportunity to take part in special promotions and prize draws. The “Saparybyz Bir (On Our Way!)” loyalty programme will be up and running at all Gazprom Neft filling stations throughout the Kyrgyz Republic by the end of 2016."

The Saparybyz Bir loyalty programme is currently available at 32 of the 100 Gazprom Neft filling stations throughout the Kyrgyz Republic.

Notes for editors

Gazprom Neft Asia, a retail subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, has been active in the sale and distribution of oil products throughout the Kyrgyz Republic since August 2006. Gazprom Neft Asia leads the market in wholesale and retail sales of oil products and LPG. The company manages seven oil tank farms, 100 retail filling stations, one LPG filling facility, a truck fleet of 130 vehicles, and five quality control laboratories.

The Gazprom Neft filling station network totals approximately 1,400 filling stations throughout Russia and the CIS. The network’s extensive geographic range, coupled with the highly advantageous location of the company’s Omsk, Moscow and Yaroslavl refineries, continue to ensure Gazprom Neft’s leading position in the wholesale and retail markets of western Siberia, central Russia and the countries of the CIS. Gazprom Neft has 68 filling stations throughout Kazakhstan.

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