Gazprom Neft has won Auction on the Right to Use Subsoil Resources of Doobrskyi Field in the Krasnodar Territory.

On May 23 an auction on granting of the right to use subsoil resources of Doobrskyi region with the purpose of geological studying, prospecting and extraction of hydrocarbons for the period of 25 years took place in the Krasnodar Territory. JSC Gazprom Neft has won an auction for 27 million rubles. Initial payment for Doobrskyi field made 5 million rubles.

Doobrskyi region situated in the Krasnodar Territory 10 kilometers north-westerly from city-resort Gelendzhik city-resort. Small gas deposit in upper cretaceous sandstones and aleurolites in an interval of depths of 900-1300 m. (balance reserves of gas C1 - 1.5, resources C3 - 6 billion cubic meters) was discovered in the Doobrskyi region.

In general, state of exploration of Doobrskyi region with geophysical methods remains low up to now.