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Gazprom Neft Holds First Corporate Forum


On December 24, the first Corporate Forum of Gazprom Neft took place in Moscow. Its participants included some 400 company employees, from senior managers to young specialists. All Gazprom Neft Group companies delegated their representatives to the Forum. The Forum became a unique platform where topical issues regarding the Company development were discussed in an open dialogue. Chairman of Gazprom Neft Executive Board Alexander Dyukov told the participants about the Group's development strategy until 2020 and specified the priority tasks for each line of business, the completion of which would allow the achievement of strategic targets. He also personally answered the questions prepared by the Company divisions and those posed from the audience.

Gazprom Neft First Deputy Chief Executive Officer Vadim Yakovlev presented to the Forum participants the preliminary results of the Group's operations; he noted that one of the most important tasks in 2011 shall be to improve the organizational effectiveness of the Company.

During the Forum, a special attention was paid to development of corporate culture. In particular, Gazprom Neft Deputy CEO for Administration Vitaly Baranov presented basic provisions of the Company's corporate code, as developed in 2010.

The second part of the Forum was devoted to Gazprom Neft Executive Board members answering the questions of employees over a wide range of topics from the situation in the world energy market to implementation of social programs at the Company's business units.

Assessing the results of the Forum, Chairman of Gazprom Neft Executive Board Alexander Dyukov noted, "Gazprom Neft is a fledgling company where, along with strong growth in the scale of its business, there is an active process of the formation of corporate culture. This was the first time that we had such an extensive and open dialogue between the employees and the executives. We have gained an additional instrument, which allows setting goals jointly and finding optimum ways to achieve them. The commitment of Gazprom Neft employees to the preparation of, and during the Forum indicates that we are on the right track and that such communication is really in demand. We plan to hold such meetings on an annual basis."