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Gazprom Neft holds open lessons for Russian schools

More than 100 schools across the country held “Lessons in Leadership” in the first few days of the new school year, with the finalists of this year’s “Leaders of Russia” competition delivering motivational lectures highlighting skills for the future and “4C Competencies” (critical thinking, creativity, communication and collective (team) working) to senior students. Five Gazprom Neft specialists took part in the project, all of them rated among the country’s Top 100 most promising managers last year.

Presentations, delivered in the popular “TED Talk” format,* focussed on preparing senior high school students for choosing the right professional specialisations, and their future career paths. Responding to questions from future school leavers, the “Leaders of Russia” shared experience and advice on how to fulfil one’s dreams, how to make that first scientific discovery, how to beat off competition from artificial intelligence (AI), and how to learn about oil production with the help of mathematics and neural networks.

Gazprom Neft specialists Denis Demin, Maxim Maslyukov and Ivan Doborovolsky presented at open lessons for 10th- and 11th-grade students at schools in St Petersburg, while “Lessons in Leadership” were delivered by Radmir Kalimullin and Andrei Vlaskin, specialists from local subsidiaries, at educational institutions in Tomsk and Omsk.

Denis Demin commented: “Having had the experience of taking part in such a major state competition, I came to the decision that our opportunities are very considerable, and that if we really want to change something for the better, then the state will help us in this. This concerns all of those young people who took part in the lesson today. Anyone who has genuinely serious goals, who is prepared to go the distance in achieving their objectives — they can honestly influence the country’s development.”

Notes for editors

The Russia-wide “Lessons in Leadership” project is held with the support of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Education. The expert group responsible for managing the event, held under the auspices of the “Leaders of Russia” club, includes business representatives, regional educational agencies, the Sirius education centre, the management of the “Teacher for Russia” programme, directors of the country’s leading schools, and employees for the “Architect of the Future” centre for children and adolescents.

* TED, abbreviated from the English “technology, entertainment, design” is the brand name of the globally popular conference. A “TED Talk” is a format of open lectures through which people share their unique ideas in science, the arts, technology, politics, culture, business and global challenges.