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Gazprom Neft implementing advanced process control systems at its Moscow Refinery

An advanced process control (APC) system is currently being implemented at the Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery, directed at increasing effectiveness and optimising the operation of the plant’s production facilities. The new system has been installed throughout 2016 at the plant’s crude distillation units, catalytic reforming units, gas fractionating facilities, gas-fractionation and hydrotreatment facilities for diesel fuels.

The implementation of the APC is part of a thoroughgoing programme of automation throughout Gazprom Neft’s refining assets. Encompassing all of the company’s refineries, the APC is facilitating greater yield of light oil products, improving facilities’ productivity and energy efficiency, enhancing reliability, and reducing the impact of the human factor. In contrast to other systems, which regulate each element separately, without monitoring their impact on each other, the APC sets in place an operational algorithm, calculating and assessing the impact of various combinations, in advance. Depending on various external factors and the quality of feedstock, the APC selects the optimum regime and stabilises the operation of facilities.

The new APC is expected to begin operation at five further facilities within the Moscow Refinery by 2018. The implementation of cutting-edge control systems will allow the production process to be organised at maximum operational efficiency.

Improving the energy-efficiency and environmental aspects of operational processes is a key objective of the thoroughgoing modernisation programme ongoing at the Moscow Refinery since 2011. The company is currently implementing the second stage of this modernisation programme throughout its refining facilities, the priorities of which are increasing operational efficiency of production concurrently with increasing the yield of light oil products and improving refining depth.

Notes for editors

The Moscow Refinery is a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, one of the market leaders in terms of its production of high-performance gasolines and Euro-5 diesel fuels, as well as being the leading domestic supplier of bitumens for construction. The Moscow Refinery holds a 34-percent market share in fuel supplies to the Moscow Region, producing 30 branded petroleum products. In 2011 Gazprom Neft initiated a comprehensive modernisation programme at its Moscow Refinery, with the plant gradually replacing outdated production facilities and commissioning cutting-edge industrial complexes.

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