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Gazprom Neft Increases Into-Plane Fuel Sales by 14% in H1 2013

Gazpromneft-Aero Link will open new window, the operator of Gazprom Netf’s aviation fuel business, in the first half of 2013 maintained its leading position in Russia’s aviation fuel market by retail sales with its 23% market share and remained the largest provider of aviation fuel for the Ministry of Defense’s airfields. The total volume of aviation fuel sold by the company in the first half of the year reached 1.5 mln tonnes. Into-plane fuel sales increased by almost 14 % to over 1 mln tonnes compared with H1 2012. In the Russian market the company has the largest distribution network amounting to 36 refueling complexes. It operates in 44 airports domestically and over 100 airports internationally.


In H12013, Gazpromneft-Aero sold more than 100,000 tonnes of aviation fuel internationally supplying to 110 airports (up from 89 last year). This was made possible by developing partnerships with leading providers of aviation fuel in local markets. Compared to H1 2012, the volume of fuel purchased by international airlines in Russia increased 10 times and exceeded 25,000 tonnes.

In H1 2013, Gazpromneft-Aero invested over 1.2 bln rubles in upgrading its aviation fuel infrastructure at Russian airports.

Vladimir Yegorov, General Director of Gazpromneft-Aero, said:

“Gazpromneft-Aero continues to support the government’s airport fuel infrastructure modernisation programme. By the end of 2013 we plan to invest another 1.7 bln rubles into developing our refueling complexes in Russian airports. Gazpromneft-Aero’s extensive sales network and its high standards of service position the company well to become a global leader in aviation fuel supply in the long term.”

Notes for editors

Gazpromneft-Aero is a Gazprom Neft subsidiary. It has been operating as a provider of aircraft refueling and into-plane supply services since 1 January, 2008. Since December 2008, Gazpromneft-Aero has been a strategic partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in aviation fuel supplies. As per the volume of retail trade, Gazpromneft-Aero holds the leading position in the Russian aviation fuel market. In its operating activities, the company uses technologies ensuring compliance with the highest security status for fuel operations: Green.

According to the company’s strategy, by 2025 Gazpromneft-Aero will increase jet fuel sales volume to 5.3 mln tonnes. The main fuel volume will be sold from its own refueling complexes, which will be increased to 58 by 2025. The global sales network will be expanded to 220 airports, and will have more than a 30% share of the Russian market.

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