Gazprom Neft Keeps Cutting Winter Diesel Retail Prices

Starting from February 12, the cost of one liter of the diesel fuel marketed through Gazprom Neft retail chain was reduced by 1 ruble per liter. Consequently, the aggregate cut in retail prices for Gazprom Neft diesel reached 2-2.5 rubles for one liter depending on the region.

This is the third price reduction within the current month. In early February, Gazprom Neft already reduced winter diesel prices by 1,000 – 1,500 rubles per one ton as compared to the peak levels of this January. Within the framework of the second price reduction, the cost of winter diesel dropped by 1,500 rubles per ton in the regions of Gazprom Neft's activities, while the retail chain put the diesel price down by 1.0-1.5 rubles for one liter depending on the region.