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Gazprom Neft Launches a New Investors Relations Section at the Corporate Site

Investors Relations section is an integrated IR-site with a wide range of online tools, containing Flash graphics, it has a more detailed structure of the section about the Company performance in the recent business periods. 

Now investors and shareholders can analyze operational and financial data online and download information they need using the format most convenient for the user. 

Online quotations make it possible to see the change in the Company’s shares price and ADR, compare Gazprom Neft security trends with other Russian oil and gas companies and key stock market indices. They also can see how news affect the quotations. 

The investor’s calculator allows analyzing the investment efficiency into Gazprom Neft securities. Annual income is automatically calculated based on the investment time range and investment amount or number of shares, and then, the relevant curve is made. Rapid data analysis represents data as spreadsheets or diagrams, and facilitates the user’s review of the performance indicators. 

In the Investor’s Calendar investors and analysts can trace reports publication dates, annual shareholders meeting, record dates, conferences with the Company’s participation, and synchronize the picked dates with their own Outlook Calendar, if required.

The Analyst Data book, that will contain detailed statistics about the Company’s performance for the last five years, is to be published in the nearest future. 

“The new Investors Relations section will help the site visitors to get higher quality easy-to-analyze information about the Company, that confirms our intention to move forward and become more open and transparent to our Company’s shareholders and investors,” said Vadim Yakovlev, CFO.