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Gazprom Neft launches Joint Scientific and Research Center for Innovation Technologies

A Joint Scientific and Research Center for Innovation Technologies (JSRC) founded jointly by Gazpromneft-Scientific and Technical Center and the Saint-Petersburg State Mining University (SPSMU) was opened on February 2, 2011.

JSRC’ key activities will focus on development of innovative physical-chemical techniques of strata stimulation, introduction of new techniques of hydraulic fracturing, designing and testing of drill fluids, metal corrosion and bio-corrosion prevention. The Joint Innovation Center incorporates eight scientific and research laboratories, fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. Students and post-graduates of the Mining University will be involvedin the scientific and research center activities along with Gazpromneft-STC and SPSMU employees.

“Joint Scientific and Research Center projects shall significantly enhance the implementation of innovative technologies at Gazprom Neftgroup ofcompanies”, Mars Khasanov, Chief Executive Officer of Gazpromneft-STC stated. The technologies developed at the JSRC shall allow Gazprom Neft to improve oil production methods, particularly through increasing strata recovery.

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Gazpromneft-Scientific and Technical Center is Gazprom Neft subsidiary, which designs oil deposits, offers scientific and technical support for oil and gas recovery, improvement ofoil deposit efficiency and development of the mineral reserve base of Gazprom Neft.

The operations of Gazpromneft-STC is focused on:

  • explorationplanning and support;
  • geology and development;
  • wells and intra-well works (from drilling to production);
  • constructionof deposit infrastructure;
  • IT — solutions for engineering;
  • research and development.

Joint Scientific and Research Center

The Joint Scientific and Research Center of Innovation Technologies (JSRC) opens a new stage of cooperation between the Gazpromneft-Scientific and Technical Center and one of the oldest in technical universities in Russia.

Eight scientific and research laboratories are incorporated in the joint innovation center.

Gazpromneft-STC has invested 20 bln. rubles for equipping the JSRC laboratories. Almost 30 bln.rubles have been transferred for scientific and research works jointly with SPSMU in 2009-2011.

Main directions of JSRC activity:

  • development of innovative physical-chemical techniques of strata stimulation;
  • selection of technological liquids used in wells maintenance;
  • metal corrosion and bio-corrosion prevention;
  • introduction of new techniques of hydraulic fracturing;
  • designing and testing of drill fluids.

Saint-Petersburg State Mining University

The Saint-Petersburg Mining University is Russia’s first high-tech institute, founded in 1773 by Empress Ekaterina II.

The University provides higher professional education with awards of bachelor’s, specialist or master’s degrees upon graduation and facilitates additional and postgraduate education in geology, mining, oil and gas recovery, metallurgy, ecology and other spheres. There are over 7,000 students at the university.

The scientific research of the University is concentrated on innovative technical issues of the country’s mineral-resources and fuel-and-energy industry.