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Gazprom Neft launches new “Ecology” section on corporate website

The newly relaunched “Ecology” section of the Gazprom Neft corporate website is now in operation, with content covering all of the company’s most important activities in environmental protection.

A responsible attitude to environmental protection is a strategic priority for Gazprom Neft, with the company taking objective assessments of and striving to minimise ecological risks, while, every year, increasing its investment in environmental protection programmes. More than RUB14.3 billion was invested in environmental protection and ecological safety in 2016, with this figure expected to be increased by end-2017. Environmental protection is undertaken on the basis of an ecological management system, fully compliant with the demands of ISO 14001 international standards.

All news and events relating to the implementation of company environmental policy will be recorded on the pages of this new section, including in a specialist news feed. A large collection of materials — including video and TV clips, photographs and infographics, will also be collated in this section.

Oleg Nikolaenko, Head of Health, Safety and the Environment, Gazprom Neft, commented: “Respect for the environment is one of Gazprom Neft’s highest priorities, and one of the company’s corporate values. Added to which, we are not just implementing a large number of environmental protection programmes, as well as investing considerable resources in ecology, we are also becoming more open about this. The appearance of a new section on the company website, outlining all aspects of the company’s environmental policy in as much detail as possible, is a further major step in that direction.”