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Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery sees 20-percent increase in Euro-5 fuel production in 2015

Recent results show the Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery processed 11 million tonnes of crude oil in 2015, an increase of 2.2 percent on 2014. In addition to this, production of high-grade gasolines increased by 19.9 percent, to 2.6 million tonnes. All high-grade gasolines and all diesel fuels produced at the Moscow Refinery are fully compliant with Euro-5 environmental standards. Production of aviation kerosene increased by 2.25 percent year-on-year in 2015, to 644,200 tonnes.

Refining depth reached 72.6 percent, with yield of light petroleum products increasing by more than 2.5 percentage points, to 56.2 percent. Production of petroleum bitumens and heavy oil (mazut) was reduced in 2015. Following the switch to the production of innovative polymer-modified bitumens, production of petroleum asphalt (tar) has been discontinued. The increase in refining depth and the proportional growth in the yield of light petroleum products is one of the key objectives behind the comprehensive modernisation programme at the Moscow Refinery ongoing since 2011.

Construction of an additive input unit was completed in 2015, as well as the second phase of the reconstruction of a demineralisation and crude vacuum distillation unit (CDU-VDU-3). Work was also initiated on the modernisation of a catalytic cracking complex to be used for the production of high-grade gasoline.

The routine repair and refurbishment of the “small processing ring” refining facility in 2015 was recorded in record time, with Rostekhnadzor approving the Moscow Refinery’s transfer from a four- to two-year run-time between repairs — something which will allow the plant to increase refining volumes and increase production of motor fuels.

Notes for editors

The Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, is today one of the key fuel suppliers for the Moscow region, with a market share of 34 percent. Producing more than 30 branded oil products, its main lines include Euro-5 motor fuels, road and construction materials, polymer-modified bitumens, and condensed (liquid) gas for use by municipal and public utility providers.

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