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Gazprom Neft Project Academy finished its first year at SKOLKOVO

The fifth, and the last, module of the Gazprom Neft Project Academy has finished at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO Open a new window.

The multimodule integrated educational programme launched in April 2011 was aimed to frame a strategic vision of the middle-level executives of Gazprom Neft, to develop their change management competences and large-scale project management capabilities.

All modules of the programme were held by the faculty from the world-renowned universities and business-schools, and supported by the experts in various business fields. During the year the programme participants took five modules: “Leadership in large-scale project management: strategic challenges”, “Building of highly efficient teams and corporate interaction”, " Supply chain management“, “Financial operations in large-scale project management”, and “Large-scale project management”.

The final module of the programme led under the guidance of IPA (Independent Project Analysis) professors was dedicated to changes design, stages of their implementation, and development of key skills for project efficiency increase. For instance, Rob Fisher, Bain & Company, spoke about philosophy and approach to work with mega projects at ExxonMobil, Dmitry Chernishenko, President of the Organizing Committee “Sochi-2014”, shared his experience as well.

During each module and in the course of interim work, 7 groups of participants have been preparing their recommendations how to improve existing procedures in large-scale project management. Preliminary presentation of the results took place right after the end of the fifth module; the final one is planned for June 2012. Overall, 43 Gazprom Neft employees have studied at the Project Academy programme.

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