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Gazprom Neft Ready to Produce Euro-5 Class Diesel Oil at Omsk Refinery

The reconstruction of a diesel oil hydrotreating unit aimed at the plant’s output quality improving was completed at the Omsk Refinery. In the issue of the reconstruction, the Omsk Refinery gets a possibility of producing hydrotreated diesel oil in compliance with the ecological Euro-5 Class, as well as of improving the quality of the whole diesel oils range yielded at the Omsk Refinery.

First of all, the unit reconstruction assumed replacement of the reaction section. One of the unit’s mechanical features represents addition of aqueous gas providing for catalyzator refrigerating, which impacts the diesel oil desulphurization degree.

The unit trial run established that the sulphur content in the hydrotreated diesel oil remained within the limits of 10 ppm, and the aromatic hydrocarbons content complied with Euro-5 standards. Current operations of the diesel oil hydrotreating unit are carried on under routine mode.

In 2009, overall volume of Gazprom Neft’s investments into the Omsk Refinery’s manufacturing facilities upgrade will total to about RUR 8.8 bln.