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Gazprom Neft recognises best young scholars and mathematics students at St Petersburg State University

The presentation of scholarships and financial awards, endowed by Gazprom Neft and awarded to young scholars and mathematics students, has taken place at St Petersburg State University. A total eight PhD students and recent doctorate holders, as well as 35 students at the St Petersburg State University Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, have received such Gazprom Neft awards since 2013.

Gazprom Neft has been working closely with St Petersburg State University for several years and, since 2013, through its “Rodniye Goroda (Home Towns)” corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme has supported the Chebyshev Laboratory, under the direction of St Petersburg State University Professor (and Fields Medal Laureate) Stanislav Smirnov. Gazprom Neft’s total investment in educational projects managed in conjunction with St Petersburg State University amounted to RUB30 million in 2013–14. The company finances the secondment of Russian students and scholars abroad, as well as conducting seminars and conferences through the Chebyshev Laboratory. With the support of Gazprom Neft the university has been able to conduct the Gustav Lamé competition for invited professors of mathematics, allowing the organisation of a series of lectures, from internationally renowned scholars, at St Petersburg State University. In 2013 the company endowed a series of financial awards for students and junior mathematics researchers at the university, with recipients chosen by a selection committee comprising colleagues from the Chebyshev Laboratory and associate members of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Gazprom Neft Deputy CEO for Corporate Communications Alexander Dybal commented: “The implementation of educational initiatives in St Petersburg — home to our head office and the Gazprom Neft Scientific and Technical Centre — is fundamental to the company’s policy on corporate social responsibility. Thanks to our collaboration with St Petersburg State University we have been able to implement a major programme directed at developing the scientific potential of the country’s northern capital. The endowment of financial awards for mathematics scholars and students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics allows us to provide future young Russian specialists with the best possible conditions under which to study and continue their research.”

Professor Igor Gorlinsky, Senior Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs and Research at St. Petersburg State University, added: “We have been witness to the concept of a strategic partnership between one of the country’s most significant domestic businesses — Gazprom Neft — and Russia’s leading university, being brought to fruition. It is important that Gazprom Neft provide support to our mathematicians, in particular. St Petersburg State University Professor (and Fields Medal Laureate) Stanislav Smirnov, director of the Chebyshev Laboratory, is overseeing serious scientific work, and this labour — and, importantly, the success of scholars and students — requires the support not just of the federal government and university management, but also of business. We fully expect this collaboration to continue in the long term, and have no doubts as to its future success.”

Notes for editors

The Gazprom Neft “Home Towns” project brings together the company’s various CSR initiatives throughout those regions in which the company operates. Directed at improving living standards in these regions, the programme includes initiatives for neighbourhood enhancement, and for the development of children’s and public sports facilities, as well as programmes in education, health, and in preserving and supporting the culture of the indigenous populations of Northern Russia. More detailed information on the programme is available at:

About the St Petersburg State University School of Mathematics
The interdisciplinary Chebyshev Laboratory, the Theodosius Dobzhansky Center for Genome Bioinformatics, the Centre of Game Theory and the St Petersburg State University Computing Centre have all been founded — and continue to flourish — at St Petersburg State University. In 2013 St Petersburg State University was included in major quality standards (QS) ratings in mathematics conducted by (and continues its cooperation with) the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. The Academic Ranking of World Universities 2104 (ARWU-2014) saw the University included in the top 101–150 universities for mathematics. Notable mathematics alumni include Mikhail Gromov, Leonid Kantorovich, Grigory Perelman, and Stanislav Smirnov.