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Gazprom Neft renovates 19 gas stations in Moscow and Moscow Oblast

During the first half of 2013, nineteen Gazpromneft gas stations were commissioned in Moscow and Moscow Oblast under Gazprom Neft’s gas station renovation program.

Four gas stations were opened following renovation in Moscow, including one on Ulitsa Lobachevskogo, one on Ulitsa Izhorskoy, one on Ulitsa Krasnogo Mayaka, and one on Ogorodny Proyezd. Fifteen stations were renovated in Moscow Oblast, including one on the M-3 Ukraina freeway, one on the M-9 Baltiya freeway, as well as stations in Shatura, Ruza, Istra, Serpukhov, Kashira, Volokolamsk, Yakhroma, and Roshal.

Gazpromneft gas stations

The company also continues to build new gas stations. It built one gas station on the M-10 Rossiya highway during the first half of 2013. The first Gazpromneft automated gas station has opened in Moscow on Amurskaya Ulitsa. The station is equipped with a self-service terminal and does not require the constant presence of personnel.

All of Gazpromneft’s new and renovated gas stations, except for the automated ones, are modern fueling complexes complete with stores, cafés, ATM machines, payment terminals, and a broad range of additional services. The stations are equipped with modern process equipment and meet high standards of industrial and environmental safety. The fuel sold at the network’s gas stations is produced at the company’s own oil refineries, the Moscow and Yaroslavl Oil Refineries.

“We plan to complete the Gazpromneft gas station network renovation program in Moscow and Moscow Oblast by the end of 2015. We have been paying special attention to construction of automated gas stations that have a large throughput. They can be built in architecturally dense urban environments, since they occupy relatively little space. Fifteen Gazpromneft automated gas stations will open this year in Moscow. Thirty-three Gazpromneft automated gas stations will be in operation in Moscow and Moscow Oblast by the end of 2015,” commented Gazprom Neft Regional Sales Director Alexander Krylov.

Notes for editors

The Gazpromneft network Сайт откроется в новом окне has 98 gas stations in Moscow and 39 in Moscow Oblast. All fuel sold at the gas stations meets the Euro 5 environmental standard. The quality of the petroleum products is monitored all along the supply chain, from production at the refinery to sale at the gas station.