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Gazprom Neft retains its position among Russia’s most attractive employers

Gazprom Neft has again been included among the top-three in the 2017 Universum “Russia’s Most Attractive Employers” survey, with the company taking third place in nominations for “Business” and “Engineering”, as well as fourth place for “Humanities”.

Twenty one thousand Russian professionals (graduates of 97 Russian higher educational establishments, pursuing their careers for a minimum of two years) took part in the survey. The average age of respondents was approximately 30. The core objective of the research is to discover professionals’ career preferences and priorities, identify their expectations of employers, ascertain what businesses and industries are the most attractive to them, and clarify the key criteria behind employer attractiveness.

In June 2017, Gazprom Neft was also named one of the leading companies under Universum ratings compiled on the basis of a survey of more than 23,000 students at 97 Russian higher educational establishments. In the 2016 Universum Professional Survey, the company was second in nominations for “Engineering” and third in nominations for “Business”.

Key criteria cited by Universum survey respondents in choosing an employer included “the chance to create something new” in their workplace (23 percent): something that completely matches Gazprom Neft’s value proposition, based around the principles of creating an environment for developing potential and self-fulfilment professionally, offering the chance to work on major projects and create things with significant impacts for the country and the world, work on interesting challenges, and shape the future.

«Taking part in one of the most representative international surveys means we can assess the attractiveness of those opportunities Gazprom Neft is able to offer young professionals, as an employer. Consistently high rankings in the Universum ratings don’t just testify to how closely Gazprom Neft’s corporate standards are in line with young people’s priorities, but also mean we can be confident of successfully engaging promising specialists in the company’s activities, across the most diverse areas».
Vladislav Pozdyshev
Vladislav Pozdyshev Head of HR, Gazprom Neft
Notes for editors

Universum is an international corporation and the global leader in employer branding. The company undertakes regular surveys across 400,000 students and professionals for the compilation of its “Ideal Employer™” research, as well as offering a full range of services in communications and strategic consulting to over 1,200 clients worldwide.