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Gazprom Neft’s bunkering business strategy updated

Gazpromneft Marine Bunker, operator of Gazprom Neft’s marine fuel sales business, has updated its long-term development strategy by setting targets up to 2025.


The company’s bunker fuel sales volume will grow by 2025 to 8.2 million tons, i.e. 16.7 percent higher than the planned figure for 2020. The company’s share on Russia’s bunkering market will reach 27 percent. Gazpromneft Marine Bunker will continue developing its own network of terminals and its own fleet. By 2025 the company will own seven terminals, and it plans to increase its fleet to a total of twenty ships.

Gazpromneft Marine Bunker’s total marine fuel sales in 2012 reached 2.9 million tons. The quantity of fuel sold at the fueling station increased by 38 percent to 1.8 million tons, and the company confirmed its status as retail sales leader in Russia. Gazpromneft Marine Bunker controls an 18.6 percent share of the Russian bunkering market, which puts it near the top of the list. The company’s own fleet includes seven ships, and it performs bunkerage operations at 24 Russian sea and river ports.

“The dynamic development of Gazprom Neft’s bunkering business has become the basis for setting even more ambitious goals to achieve before 2025. The main tendency on the international bunkering market is increasingly demanding environmental standards for marine fuels. Therefore, besides actively expanding its international presence, Gazpromneft Marine Bunker is planning to expand its range of fuels and implement a liquefied natural gas bunkerage project in the near future, which will facilitate the formation of a new market segment,” noted Head of Gazprom Neft Commercial Directorate Levan Kadagidze.