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Gazprom Neft’s Omsk Refinery to receive domestic large-scale equipment for new freeze-resistant winter diesel production facilities

The Gazprom Neft Omsk Refinery has concluded an agreement with Izhorskskiye Zavody (a machine-building enterprise, part of the OMZ Group) for the production of large-scale equipment for construction of a new diesel fuel hydrotreatment complex. The new complex, with a processing capacity of 2.5 million-tonnes per year, will allow greater output of Euro-5 Arctic and winter-grade diesel fuels, replacing two outdated facilities. The project is being implemented as part of the second phase of modernising the Omsk Refinery, under implementation by Gazprom Neft since 2008. Total investment in the project is RUB17.5 billion.

The stripping tower being produced for the Omsk Refinery by specialists at Izhorskiye Zavody is designed for the end-stage treatment, dehydration and stabilisation of diesel fuels from hydrogen-bearing gas. The reliability and stable operation of the new facility will be ensured through the use of specialist heat-resistant steel together with advanced anti-corrosive plating. The flash column will run to a height of 37 metres, with a 3.6-metre diameter and a total weight of 400 tonnes. It will be delivered to the Omsk Refinery by water transport, via the Northern Sea Route.

The Izhorskiye Zavodi has implemented previous projects with the Omsk Refinery, producing, in 2015, six pieces of large-scale equipment for its deep conversion complex (DCC), also under construction as part of the plant’s full-scale modernisation.

Notes for editors

The diesel fuel hydrotreatment (hydro-dewaxing) unit will allow a greater volume of secondary gasoil to be processed, which will subsequently be returned to the production system at the Omsk Refinery, following the commissioning of the new delayed coking unit.

Gazprom Neft is currently involved in a full-scale modernisation programme at its Omsk and Moscow refineries, involving cumulative investment of more than RUB550 billion. The first stage of this modernisation has involved the construction and reconstruction of key technological facilities, allowing the complete transition to the production of Euro-5 fuels, significantly improving energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in production. The implementation of the second phase of the modernisation programme is now ongoing, as a result of which refining depth and the production of light petroleum products will increase to match the highest international standards.

The Izhorskiye Zaovdy plant is a modern machine-building enterprise, designing and manufacturing equipment for nuclear facilities and for research into high-energy physics, as well as equipment for heavy, chemical and petroleum engineering. The plant’s longstanding experience and proven technologies in producing vessels and pipes operating under high pressures and temperatures and cyclic mechanical, thermal and seismic loads, as well as exposure to corrosive environments, have proved their use in a wide range of pressure vessels of various sizes, weights and applications.