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Gazprom Neft’s Omsk Refinery to use domestic equipment in producing winter diesel fuels

Gazprom Neft’s Omsk Refinery has acquired cutting-edge Russian equipment for its diesel fuels hydrotreatment and dewaxing complex. These key components of the future complex include chemical hydrotreatment and dewaxing reactors, and a high-pressure separator. The launch of the hydrotreatment and diesel-fuel dewaxing complex in 2020 will allow the decommissioning of two obsolete facilities, thereby reducing environmental impacts. Construction of the complex forms part of the Federal “Clean Air” project implementation plan, and is being undertaken as part of the Omsk Refinery’s modernisation programme, under implementation since 2008. The company’s investment in building the complex currently stands at RUB17.5 billion.

Leading Russian equipment manufacturers are involved in projects to develop the Omsk Refinery

The new 2.5-million-tonne capacity complex will allow the Omsk Refinery to double its output of popular winter- and Arctic-brand diesel fuels. The high-tech equipment for the Omsk Refinery has been produced by specialists at Volgogradneftemash — Russia’s leading producer of oil- and gas-industry equipment. The reactor columns are made from high-tensile chromium-molybdenum vanadium steel, and meet all international quality standards. The columns run to 44 meters in length, with the total weight of equipment supplied reaching more than 700 tonnes. The equipment was delivered to Omsk via the Northern Sea Route.

«Thanks to the various projects on modernising the Omsk Refinery we are not only improving the efficiency of refining processes, but are consistently improving the plant’s environmental performance. Collaborating with leading domestic manufacturers and developers means we can introduce the latest technologies, as well as acquiring reliable equipment».
Oleg Belyavsky
Oleg Belyavsky CEO of the Gazprom Neft Omsk Refinery
«We have built a longstanding partnership with Gazprom Neft in implementing ultra-complex projects. Effective cooperation with Russia’s leading oil company facilitates our mutual development and sets high equipment quality standards for the country’s refining industry, as a whole».
Maxim Stepanov Acting CEO, Volgogradneftemash
Notes for editors

Gazprom Neft is currently involved in a full-scale modernisation programme at its Omsk refinery, involving cumulative investment of more than RUB300 billion. The first stage of this modernisation has involved the construction and reconstruction of key technological facilities, allowing the complete transition to the production of Euro-5 fuels, significantly improving energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in production. The implementation of the second phase of the modernisation programme is ongoing, as a result of which conversion rate and the yield of light petroleum products will increase.