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Gazprom Neft sales of high-technology bitumens up 41 percent in the first nine months of 2017

Q1 — Q3 sales of cokes and bitumen products at Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials, operator of the Gazprom Neft bitumens business, are up 17 percent year-on-year, at 1.99 million tonnes. Sales of high-technology binders (modified and bitumen-derived products) are up 41 percent year-on-year, at 117,000 tonnes.

The company has significantly increased the geographic range of its deliveries since early 2017, and has begun shipping bitumen products to new regions throughout Russia, including the Khabarovsk and the Zabaikalsky Krais, the Penzenskaya, Kirovskaya and Irkutskaya Oblasts, the Chuvash Republic, and the Republics of Mari El and Bashkortostan.

Gazpromneft Bitumens has also strengthened its position in new sectors of the high-technology bitumens market. Innovative products under the BRIT brand — including road, bridge and aerodrome mastics, sealants, emulsions, bitumen bridging tapes, and protective and remedial coverings — are used in the construction of high-wear resistant road and aerodrome coverings, including in inaccessible locations and those with challenging and rugged terrains. A unique solution for the Russian market, protective and remedial coverings maintain the core integrity of road coverings as well as extending their useful life by two to four years, reducing maintenance costs.

Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials is the only company on the domestic market providing an inclusive offering bringing together a wide range of high-quality bitumen and bitumen-derived materials and the full range of support services, including multimodal logistics capabilities, optimum packaging solutions, financial instruments and IT services.

«Ensuring optimum efficiency in our bitumens business demands close cooperation with every customer, including developing individual, targeted proposals, and striving to develop the ideal formulation in line with a region’s particular climate, actual transport loads, and traffic on the proposed highway. Our bitumens, both standard- and premium-class, are in ever-increasing demand, and not just in those regions in which Gazprom Neft’s bitumen facilities are located — evidenced by the fact that we have sold the same volume of products in the first nine months of 2017 as we did in 2016 as a whole».
Dmitry Orlov
Dmitry Orlov Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials CEO
Notes for editors

*ZVS (protective and remedial covering) is produced at the Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials’ Vyazma facility, under the BRIT ZVS brand. By penetrating cracks in coverings it binds the components of the asphalt-concrete mixture and forms a protective layer on the road surface, restoring its operational and high-performance features and protecting it from harmful impacts. The product is resistant to abrasion and, at the same time, increases adhesion capacity through mineral additives, which have the effect of roughening the road surface.

Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials is a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, specialising in the production and sale of bitumen products.

The company currently holds a leading position on the Russian bitumens market.

The company’s key production facilities are based in the Moscow, Vyazma, Omsk, Yaroslavl and Ryazan Oblasts, as well as in Serbia and Kazakhstan. The company produces road, construction and roofing bitumens, as well as polymer-modified bitumens (PMBs) and binders (specifically G-Way Styrelf), and a range of bitumen derivatives (mastic compounds, sealants, bridging tapes and more). All bitumen materials produced by Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials are fully compliant with Russian and international quality standards.

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