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Gazprom Neft sees a 36-percent increase in sales of cutting-edge bitumen products

Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials (Gazpromneft-BM), operator of the Gazprom Neft bitumens business, achieved sales of 1.2 million tonnes of bitumens in 1H 2018, exceeding the figure for 1H 2017 by 36 percent. Sales of premium products (high-tech modified binders and bitumen derivatives) increased by 25 percent, to 74,000 tonnes.

The bulk of bitumen-material deliveries (more than one million tonnes) are down to the domestic road-building industry, with the company’s products being used in capital repair, reconstruction and construction of the country’s key road infrastructure facilities, including in projects to develop transport infrastructure in host cities of the FIFA 2018 World Cup.

Exports were responsible for additional sales growth in 1H 2018, with Gazpromneft-BM selling and delivering approximately 150,000 tonnes of binders to Kazakhstan and the European, South American and Asian markets.

Dmitry Orlov, CEO, Gazpromneft-BM, commented: “Russia is seeing major projects being implemented in expanding the regional road network, and new federal highways are being built. The results of our work in the first half of this year reflect trends in the development of the road-building industry. Added to which, increasing sales of premium products show that demand for high-tech materials in Russian road-building is growing — making them safer and more durable.”

Notes for editors

Gazpromneft-BM is a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, specialising in the production and sale of bitumen products. The company currently holds a leading position on the Russian bitumens market. The company now holds a leading position on the Russian bitumens market, with total sales of Gazpromneft-Bitumens’ products in 2017 reaching 2.3 million tonnes.

The company’s key production facilities are based in Moscow, Vyazma, the Omsk, Yaroslavl, Rostov and Ryazan Oblasts, as well as in Serbia and Kazakhstan. The company produces road, construction and roofing bitumens, as well as polymer-modified bitumens (PMBs) and binders, and a range of bitumen derivatives (mastic compounds, sealants, bridging tapes and more). All bitumen materials produced by Gazprom Neft are fully compliant with Russian and international quality standards.

In expanding the company’s geographic scope, and strengthening cooperation throughout the country’s regions, the first six months of this year saw agreements signed with the St Petersburg Government and the Moscow, Leningrad and Rostov Oblasts on developing cooperation in meeting the regions’ requirements for Gazprom Neft’s high-technology bitumens and bitumen-derivatives in road construction and repair. Gazpromneft-BM develops special formulations of bitumen binders and asphalt mixes, in line with the climatic conditions of each region, as well as local network traffic loads. To that end, actual road conditions, reflecting the impact of traffic on road surfaces, are simulated on unique high-tech equipment at the company’s specialist Research Centre in Ryazan.