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Gazprom Neft senior management receive state honours

Under Decree No. 572 of 26 October 2016, signed by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, Gazprom Neft’s Deputy CEO for Logistics, Processing and Sales, Anatoly Cherner, has been awarded the II Class Medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”. Mars Khasanov, Head of Gazprom Neft’s Technology Directorate is also recognised, made an Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation.

Anatoly M. Cherner

Anatoly Cherner has worked in the oil industry since 1976, with a career path taking him from Machine Operator to Refinery Director. He was appointed Vice President for Refining and Sales at Sibneft in 2006 (on its becoming part of Gazprom Neft that same year); since 2008 — Deputy Chairman of the Management Board and Deputy CEO for Logistics, Processing and Sales. His leadership has seen the thoroughgoing modernisation of the company’s refining assets, management of major technological innovation, development and implementation, the proactive development of premium and retail sales and, since 2016, management of year-round despatches of Arctic oil via the Northern Sea Route.

Mars M. Khasanov

Under the leadership of Mars Khasanov the Gazprom Neft Joint Scientific and Research Centre is undertaking key scientific and practical research into improving the efficiency of refining processes through the implementation of new technologies and design solutions. Modelling methodologies and solutions developed by Mars Khasanov are in active use by numerous engineers throughout major Russian oil companies. Mars Khasanov has authored more than 200 scientific papers and theses, and secured more than 60 industrial patents. His scientific achievements relate mainly to highly practical and beneficial new discoveries in multi-phase and multi-component fluid flows* in pipes and porous (permeable) media.** A unique Drilling Support Centre has been set up within the Joint Scientific and Research Centre, as well as an effective system for disseminating know-how and insights among company employees. The company’s employees include four professors, six Doctors of Science (DSc), and 60 PhDs.

National and governmental awards have been made to more than 23 employees throughout Gazprom Neft and its subsidiaries.

Notes for editors

* Multi-phase fluid flows involve the combination of several systems including, for example, fluid — gas (air), fluid — solid particles, fluid — vapour, and so on.

** Such porous medium comprises a solid entity permeated with interconnected aerations, voids or pores.