Gazprom Neft signs Cooperation Agreement with Politecnico di Torino on education and research

Gazprom Neft has signed a five-year Cooperation Agreement with Politecnico di Torino on education and research.

The agreement provides for collaboration in educational activities, with Gazprom Neft specialists acting as visiting professors to Politecnico di Torino as well as attending courses at the university, university students being seconded to Gazprom Neft facilities, and both organisations engaging in joint research and development (R&D) activities.

The agreement envisages, specifically, research in various areas including the development of non-traditional hydrocarbon reserves, underground well monitoring, multistage fracking, re-fracking, oil-sludge recycling, environmental and workplace safety, integrated and systemic approaches to oil engineering, automation and robotics, and applied artificial intelligence (AI) and information technologies for the oil and gas industry.

Notes for editors

Politecnico di Torino is one of oldest higher technical educational institutions in Europe, topping ratings in Europe and worldwide. The university is actively developing industrial incubators and clusters in the energy sector, and has well-established connections with Italian industrial and financial groups. The university hosts a dedicated Energy Centre, whose Supervisory Board includes companies such as Enel, ENI, Edison, EDF and the State Grid of China.