Gazprom Neft Started to Supply EURO-5 Diesel Fuel Using Sever Oil-Products Pipeline

Gazprom Neft was the first oil company to fill in Sever oil-products pipeline. EURO-5 diesel fuel from Yroslavnefteorgsintez was delivered to oil-loading terminal in Primorsk and it will be shipped to European consumers by tanker. The consignment volume is 42 thous. tons.

Total volume of diesel fuel transfer through the terminal in Primorsk in 2008 will make about 1 mln tons; Gazprom Neft plans to increase the supply volumes in future.

Before the terminal in Primorsk was commissioned, Gazprom Neft had delivered diesel fuel by railroad through the terminal in Vysotsk Port. Difference in the transportation rate between the diesel fuel supply through Primorsk via the pipeline and through Vysotsk by railroad will make about $14 per one ton. Thus, Gazprom Neft will save about $14 mln in terms of logistics only.