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Gazprom Neft starts introducing new active-matrix catalysts

Gazprom Neft has successfully brought a new-generation catalyst into production, having completed commercial test-runs at cat-cracking facilities at the company’s Omsk Refinery. This modified catalyst has been developed by academics at the Institute for Problems of Hydrocarbon Refining, Omsk (also a Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences), in conjunction with company specialists. The new cat-cracking catalysts line improves efficiency in gasoline production.

In contrast to earlier catalysts, and in contrast to western alternatives, this new catalyst contains an active ultra matrix, whereby active components are embedded into the porous base of catalyst microparticles, improving efficiency in turning raw hydrocarbon molecules into useful products. In addition to their superior active properties, new-generation catalysts are also better suited to higher temperatures.

Following commercial test-runs the catalyst underwent pilot testing at Russia’s only cat-cracking test facility, located within Gazprom Neft’s specialist catalyst testing centre. Test results confirmed a greater selection of high-quality gasolines being produced from raw materials, as well as a higher octane number in products involving the use of this new catalyst.

Anatoly Cherner, Deputy CEO for Logistics, Processing and Sales, Gazprom Neft, commented: “Together with leading Russian industry institutes we have developed an effective system for developing new catalysts and bringing them into commercial usage. Russian technology in catalyst production, moreover, is extremely flexible, and catalysts produced using it are able to achieve optimum operational efficiency at any refinery’s facilities. In implementing this national project Gazprom Neft, in developing a new generation of catalysts, is making our technology available to Russia’s entire refining industry.”