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Gazprom Neft summed up results of the first open competition

The JSC Gazprom Neft’s tender committee summed up results of the first open competition on pipeline accessories’ supply.

Information about the competition was published on 7th March on the JSC Gazprom Neft’s official site. Applications for participation have been coming from first days and at the moment of the envelopes opening procedure (9th April) 11 potential contractors were announced as competitions’ participants.

The envelopes opening procedure during which contractors’ pricing facitities were declared was public, in the presence of competition’ participants.

LLC "Gusevskiy reinforcing factory" has become a winner of the competition. In the whole this company offered best terms among which are minimum price and delay of payment.

The open competition system development is one of the JSC Gazprom Neft’s strategic aims. The company plans to improve the open competitions implementation system basing on transparency, publicity and economic expediency.

First competition’s successful results give an opportunity to think that in the future competitive tenderings will provide the company with the maximum efficiency of the contractors’ selection.