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Gazprom Neft supporting NTV project “Oil: from Well to Pump – Myths and Realities”

Gazprom Neft has been supporting TV channel NTV in producing a documentary film “Oil: from Well to Pump — Myths and Realities”, with the company giving the channel’s film crew unprecedented access to its facilities, including allowing them to film at various production sites. The film includes Gazprom Neft specialists talking about cutting-edge technologies in oil production and refining, as well as demonstrating high-technology solutions in well drilling, transportation, the manufacturing of oil products, and other areas of activity. The film — “Oil: from Well to Pump — Myths and Realities” will be broadcast on NTV on 17 December 2017, at 23:00.

The film crew, headed by Sergei Malozemov, set itself the task of following the typical route taken in oil production, from its discovery deep underground, to the final product. This televisual expedition saw journalists visiting dozens of towns and villages, including in the Arctic Circle where Arctic oil is being produced under extreme climatic conditions, as well as the St Petersburg Drilling Control Centre, managing the drilling of hundreds of wells, from the Russian Far North to the Middle East. Russia’s only oil platform on the Arctic Shelf, the Prirazlomnaya rig, proved a key feature for the video cameras, while the film crew also watched oil being turned into high-technology gasoline and motor oils at the company’s Omsk Refinery The crew were also able to discover other myths surrounding the global oil industry in other countries, visiting the United States, Denmark, and Japan.

«Shooting ‘Oil: from Well to Pump — Myths and Realities’ is something I’ll remember all my life! And, seriously, I could never have guessed how much cutting-edge technology is concentrated in oil production and refining today, and how far our lives depend on this black, oily liquid — which I now relate to, as I do to the people that work with it — in a completely new way».
Sergei Malozemov Film director
«Following the journey taken by oil from the well to someone buying an oil product — that’s an ambitious task. The NTV team managed to make a film highlighting the cutting-edge technologies used throughout the entire value chain, from production to the manufacturing of oil products. And these products are everywhere you look — from gasoline to motor oils, plastics and perfumes».
Alexander Dybal
Alexander Dybal Member of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft

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