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Gazprom Neft to create pilot domestic industrial digital production platform

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Gazprom Neft and AI-solutions company Zyfra have concluded a Cooperation Agreement on implementing a new digital initiative, “Digital Plant” signed by Anatoly Cherner, Deputy CEO for Logistics, Processing and Sales, Gazprom Neft and Igor Bogachev, CEO, Zyfra, at this year’s St Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The “Digital Plant” initiative forms part of a Gazprom Neft project to create Russia’s first digital platform to manage logistics, production and sales of oil products. Work in this area has been ongoing at the company since 2017, with the involvement of leading companies in the Russian IT market.

The pilot Digital Plant project will be implemented throughout the company’s Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials enterprises. New technological solutions that prove their effectiveness in testing at Gazprom Neft will be rolled-out to the company’s other refining and production enterprises.

The core IT framework is expected to be in place by the end of 2018, as well as AI systems monitoring the movements of raw and other materials, together with advanced software packages to optimise economic and material accounting for the enterprise’s balance sheet. Once digitised process data is in place the project will move on to its second phase — developing a system of “digital twins” of production infrastructure facilities, monitoring reliability and process parameters in operating equipment.

On the photo (from left to right): Anatoly Cherner, Deputy CEO for Logistics, Processing and Sales, Gazprom Neft and Igor Bogachev, CEO, Zyfra

The use of “data lakes” and “data buses” — which will be an integral part of the final platform — will allow data to be integrated, processed and stored in real time, giving Gazprom Neft specialists the opportunity to see changes in key production metrics almost immediately, and manage these effectively.

The implementation of the agreement will be driven by the Gazprom Neft Digital Innovations Centre, established by the company to identify and implement technological solutions in Big Data, predictive management, and creating “digital twins” in production infrastructure.

Anatoly Cherner, Deputy CEO for Logistics, Processing and Sales, Gazprom Neft, commented: “Implementing a major project in developing a digital platform of this kind is only possible in partnership with IT industry leaders. The Digital Plant project will enable us to achieve a new heights in technological effectiveness and efficiency, and environmental and workplace safety.”

Igor Bogachev, CEO, Zyfra, added: “This project will open up extensive opportunities for creating an ecosystem based on a continuous manufacturing digital platform. We see the development of applied functional solutions — a library of ‘artificial intelligence’ in enterprise management — as both extremely promising and important, and something which could, in future, be available to other companies in the oil and gas industry, and others.”

Notes for editors

Gazprom Neft is a vertically integrated oil company, primarily involved in oil and gas exploration and production, refining, and the production and sale of oil products. The Gazprom Neft’s corporate structure comprises more than 70 production, refining and sales subsidiaries throughout Russia, the CIS, and abroad.

The company’s proved and probable reserves (SPE-PRMS) are estimated at 2.78 billion tonnes of oil equivalent (btoe), making Gazprom Neft one of the top-20 largest oil and gas companies in the world, and one of Russia’s top three largest companies in terms of production and refining volumes. Total production in 2017 reached 89.75 million tonnes of oil equivalent (mtoe), with refining volumes of 40.1 million tonnes.

Gazprom Neft products are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide, and sold throughout the Russian Federation and abroad. The company’s filling station network totals more than 1,850 outlets throughout Russia, the CIS and Europe.

ZYFRA is an international company developing products based around the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). The company plans to invest about RUB6 billion in the development of industrial digitalisation technologies. ZYFRA has been responsible for connecting more of Russia’s industry to the IIoT than any other business, connecting a total 6,000 pieces of machinery (across 200 enterprises) throughout Russia.

ZYFRA created its own technological platform for the deployment and operation of its “Digital Advisor” systems in the metallurgy, petrochemicals, and chemicals industries.