Gazprom Neft to Resume Publication of «Analyst Data Book» on Its Corporate Website

Gazprom Neft resumes publication of “Analyst Data Book” at its corporate website.

“Analyst Data Book” represents a unique public data book of Gazprom Neft’s operating and financial results that contains statistical data on the Company’s operations for the last 5 years.

“Analyst Data Book” is presented in a user-friendly format. The data containing in the “Analyst Data Book” is structured by types of business activities: all necessary statistics from geological exploration to volume of sales to final customers as well as financial and market coefficients could be found there.

The data is presented in form of Gazprom Neft Group consolidated figures (including shares in equity affiliates). Besides, the information in the “Analyst Data Book” is depicted both in Metric and British Imperial systems of measurement.

“Analyst Data book” will allow all the interested parties to have a closer look at detailed operational and financial figures of Gazprom Neft for the last 5 years, follow the dynamics and effectiveness of the Company’s operations, and will give an opportunity to the Company’s analysts to use a more structured approach to the analysis of Gazprom Neft operating results», - Gazprom Neft CFO Vadim Yakovlev stated.