Gazprom Neft’s anti-COVID-19 programme

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Gazprom Neft trades over 12 percent of gasoline in October

In October 2013, Gazprom Neft increased its volume of gasoline exchange trading to 81,600 tons, which amounts to 12.5 percent of the gasoline produced by its refineries. The company also traded on the exchange 65,500 tons of diesel fuel, 7.9 percent of the total produced, and 17,600 tons of aviation kerosene, 10.6 percent of the volume produced. The company’s sales of each type of petroleum products exceed the requirements of the Federal Antimonopoly Service and the Ministry of Energy which establish a minimal amount of petroleum products to be traded on exchanges.

In the third quarter, the company sold a total of 492,000 tons of light oil products, including gasoline, diesel fuel, and aviation kerosene. This exceeds the second quarter figures by 22 percent.

Gazprom Neft participates actively in the development of exchange trade. In 2012, the company traded over 2.09 million tons of petroleum products on the SPIMEX exchange, more than any other exchange participant. Gazprom Neft was the first to attain the status of a SPIMEX guaranteed supplier for futures contracts, and in June 2013 the company became the first on the market to register off-exchange transactions in crude oil on SPIMEX.