Gazprom Neft’s anti-COVID-19 programme

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Gazprom Neft will Build 30-50 Filling Stations in St. Petersburg

Gazprom Neft could build in the nearest future in St.-Petersburg 30-50 filling stations, - has informed Alexander Ryazanov, making comments on the decision on re-registration of the company in the northern capital, accepted on May, 13th.

According to Gazprom Neft president, while the Moscow market is supersaturated with the offer and is "heavy", St.-Petersburg has a deficit of the filling stations yet. Therefore the company considers the city on Neva as the "the primary purpose ", and a re-registration in St.-Petersburg is motivated, not least of all, by the increased interests of the company in the region, - Alexander Ryazanov has noted. He also has expressed hope, that support of such powerful structure as Gazprom, will allow oilers to develop more actively a marketing network in the Northwest region.

It is to remind that for today only 9 filling stations work in St.-Petersburg under the brand of Sibneft.