Gazprom Neft will finance 51% of St. Petersburg’s "Ohta center" project costs

JSC Gazprom Neft will finance 51% of construction project of St. Petersburg’s business centre "Ohta center". The city’s administration in its tern will finance 49% of the project.

Propriety rights will be proportionally divided. Thus, contractors become project’s coinvestors.

This decision was made in a panel session of the Commission on strategic projects’ consideration and implementation in St. Petersburg. Following people have participated in the session: JSC Gazprom’s Chairman Aleksey Miller, St. Petersburg’s governor Valentina Matvienko and JSC Gazprom Neft’s president Alexander Dukov.

The JSC Gazprom’s Chairman Aleksey Miller said: "The joint project of St. Petersburg’s administration and JSC Gazprom was named "Ohta center". The project aims at the construction of the new business centre which will be a modern architectural symbol of the city".

There will be not only modern office buildings but also accommodation units. Shops, coffees, restaurants, a library, a sports complex with a swimming pool, a park, a bunder, avenues, an all-year ice rink.

St. Petersburg’s governor Valentina Matvienko said: "Ohta center" is planned to involve a theatre with two scenes, a sculpture park, a modern art centre, as well as a history museum of St. Petersburg’s first colonies.