Gazprom Neft Won the Auction for Rights of Subsoil Use in Two Areas in the Irkutsk Region

CJSC Kholmogorneftegaz – a JSC Gazprom Neft‘s subsidiary – won the auction for oil exploration and production rights at the Vakunaiskiy and Ignyalinskiy areas in the Irkutsk Region.

Gazprom Neft puts high value on the development prospects of new areas considering their close proximity to the East Siberian-Pacific oil pipeline route.

The OOIP (original oil in place) C1 category reserves in the Vakunaiskiy area total 5.088 million tons, recoverable oil reserves in C1 category - 0.577 million tons, the OOIP reserves in C2 category are estimated at 26.235 million tons, recoverable C2 reserves – at 2.699 million tons; OOIP reserves in C3 category stand at 140 million tons and C3 recoverable – at 28 million tons.

The Vakunaiskiy area’s forecast oil resources in D1 category total 25 million tons.

Gas reserves in C1 category are estimated at 12.286 billion cu. m, C2 category – 25.092 billion cu. m, C3 category – 63 billion cu. m. Gas forecast reserves in D1 category total 50 billion cu. m.

The OCIP (original condensate in place) reserves in C1 category amount to 0.130 million tons, recoverable – 0.104 million tons; in C2 category OCIP reserves stand at 0.064 million tons and recoverable reserves – 0.051 million tons.

The Vakunaiskiy license covers a 3065 area.

The Ignyalinskiy area’s OOIP reserves in C3 category amount to 26 million tons. The forecast oil resources in D1 category – 45 million tons with corresponding gas reserves being 15 billion cu. m.

The Ingyalinskiy license covers a 2182 sq. km area.

CJSC Kholmogorneftegaz holds licenses for geological survey, prospecting and production in the Srednetaimurinskiy (Krasnoyarsk Territory) and Khotogo-Murbaiskiy (Republic of Yakutia) areas, for oil prospecting and production in the Tympuchikanskiy area in Yakutia and for geological survey in Bolshe-Dubchesskiy and Severo-Ketskiy areas in Krasnoyarsk Territory.