GAZPROM retail brand named best brand in Serbia and Bosnia/Herzegovina

The GAZPROM retail brand managed by NIS in South-Eastern Europe, has been named the best brand in Serbia and as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In Serbia GAZPROM brand won the annual Best Regional Project award from one of the country’s most influential business organizations, the Serbian Association of Managers (Srpska asociajacija menadzera). GAZPROM’s network of premium filling stations was named the Best Regional Brand by the Bosnia and Herzegovina Agency for Selecting the Best Manager (Agencija za izbor i promociju najmenadžera Bosne i Hercegovine).

The awards conferred on GAZPROM brand by the South-Eastern Europe business community is a result of successful implementation of the premium regional network development program in the region. GAZPROM owns 61 filling stations in four Balkan countries: Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The recognition of the high quality of service at GAZPROM filling stations in two countries simultaneously proves that all our stations comply with the highest standards regardless of a country they are located in. We intend to continue expanding GAZPROM’s premium network investing over 100 million euro in the project by 2015,” said Gazprom Neft’s Deputy CEO for Foreign Asset Management and NIS CEO Kirill Kravchenko.