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Gazprom Neft and Gazprombank discuss launching a “digital ecosystem” for the industrial sector

Alexander Dyukov, CEO, Gazprom Neft, and Andrey Akimov, Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprombank, have discussed the strategic development of their Isource platform, with a view to this being scaled up to better meet the broader needs of Russian industry.

The new digital Isource platform operates through resources and facilities integral to the Gazprombank Electronic Trading Platform (ETP GPB) and services provided by Gazpromneft-Snabzheniye, a specialist subsidiary of Gazprom Neft. The platform is a supply chain “digital twin”, automating procurement, logistics and financial operations, and is intended to ensure maximum simplicity and optimum transparency in industrial organisations’ procurement and logistics functions. By integrating actual physical processes into the digital space clients and contractors can monitor project progress and the fulfilment of mutual agreements online.

The solutions inherent in the Isource ecosystem support clients at every stage, from requirements formation to inventory management, making it possible to administer a company’s business processes and improve efficiency while reducing the risks associated with poor quality equipment deliveries or delayed contract fulfilment. Going forward, clients will also be able to use banking (contract support and bank guarantee) and factoring services.

“Gazprom Neft continues to move forwards in commercialising its most effective solutions and technologies. Added to which, we are only going to market with those solutions that have, in our own experience, demonstrated their quality. The Isource platform is a good example of that approach. We are combining our own competencies and resources in supply and logistics with services being developed by Gazprombank in the same area. Our joint venture is ready to offer its services to Russia’s fuel and energy industry, and to companies in related industries.”
Alexander Dyukov
Alexander Dyukov Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft
“Gazprombank has a long and successful track record in financing federal investment projects, and has a good understanding of industrial companies’ needs. Together with our partners at Gazprom Neft we expect to soon be in a position to bring a unique and seamless ecosystem to market, that meets industrial companies’ digital procurement and logistics services requirements in full.”
Andrey Akimov Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprombank
“The main trend in IT services today is developing digital ecosystems offering a full range of services, covering all client needs. The Isource platform as it currently stands includes a range of procurement, banking and training products: and there are plans to develop services to support and manage industrial construction, going forward. Among other things, this will allow businesses to make the processes involved in engaging and managing large numbers of contractors much simpler — allowing them to speed-up their implementation of strategically important projects, as a result.”
Mikhail Konstantinov
Mikhail Konstantinov Director General, ETP GPB

A roadmap on establishing a joint venture to develop Russia’s first integrated supply-chain management platform, Isource, was signed off by Gazprom Neft and Gazprombank in February 2020. Following successful pilot testing of the first products to be offered under this new ecosystem, the founders plan to launch the Isource platform on the Russian market in 2021.