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Gazprom Neft develops a user interface (UI) design system for developing industrial and client services

Gazprom Neft has launched an open-source user interface (UI) design solution for digital products — its Consta design system, components of which have already been used to create interfaces for more than 50 company-wide digital solutions, including Gazprom Neft’s flagship artificial intelligence (AI) project, its Cognitive Geologist programme.

User interface (UI) design systems provide a universal basis for developing interfaces to make digital products convenient, accessible and user-friendly for everyone. Using them solves the problem faced by many technology companies, whose employees are faced with having to work with a large number of services and tools — all with different interfaces — developed by insourcing departments or third-party developers.

The Consta programme is available to front-end developers, designers, testers, analysts and other specialists involved in interface development, free of charge — allowing companies and entrepreneurs to speed-up their deployment of digital products, cut costs in developing digital solutions, and develop prototypes for future interfaces quickly and easily.

Design systems are universal, and can be deployed in any industry — from upstream or production businesses, to SMEs. They can be used for the most diverse services — including monitoring tools, equipment control interfaces, Internet portals, online accounts and user-managed services. Existing digital services can also be transferred to Consta. Users have access to a wide selection of visual and functional component modifications (icons, buttons, tables and other elements that make up the interface), all of which can be managed in convenient formats for designers and developers.

“We’re interested in developing and enhancing this product in conjunction with the Russian IT community. Which is why our UI design system is open to all users. Added to which, rolling out this project to other oil and industrial companies will help create a convenient ‘ecosystem’ for collaboration on our best designs. In putting in place universal development standards we’re also taking a major step forward in making it easier for new technology partners to tie-in to industry-wide IT projects.”
Andrey Belevtsev
Andrey Belevtsev CDO, Gazprom Neft