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Gazprom Neft develops its own “IT-cluster” to help speed-up digital transformation

Gazprom Neft is building its own “IT-cluster” based around its Gazpromneft — Digital Solutions (previously its Information Technology Service Company (ITSC LLC)), and Gazpromneft Information-Technology Operator (previously Noyabrskneftegazsvyaz LLC) subsidiaries.

This IT-cluster will include three technology parks in St Petersburg, Omsk and Noyabrsk, four datacentres, and approximately 20 technology offices in more than 30 regions throughout the country. Its headcount will total almost 6,000 specialists, made up of teams at IT and digital-technology competency centres.

Developing its IT sector forms part of Gazprom Neft’s full-scale digital transformation. The company is implementing various strategic programmes in digital transformation across all areas of its business: the economic benefit of these, as they come to their their full capacity over the next few years, is expected to reach three to five percent of annual EBITDA.

Gazpromneft — Digital Solutions’ and Gazpromneft Information-Technology Operator’s activities will be focussed on implementing corporate strategy to develop IT infrastructure throughout the Gazprom Neft Group of Companies, implementing a product-oriented approach, and developing new services for clients and partners.

Modernising the IT-cluster will optimise efficiency in using the resources of the Gazprom Neft Group of Companies to consolidate the development and production of technological solutions, as well as support services for these. Changing operational processes will also improve speed and efficiency in Gazprom Neft’s joint projects with technology partners.

“Transforming our two IT companies is an important part of our systematic work on developing Gazprom Neft’s IT-cluster. Moving over to a product-oriented model will make it possible to launch and develop IT products fast, through cross-functional developer teams and business units. This will allow us to implement high-quality digital solutions in the shortest possible time, thanks to a deep understanding of the specifics of each individual business area, coupled with high technological competencies.”
Kirill Kravchenko
Kirill Kravchenko Deputy CEO for Administration, Gazprom Neft
“The IT-cluster will facilitate the development of a large pool of digital products and services, with proven effectiveness in actual business processes. Going forward, these will be rolled-out or upgraded to meet the needs of a specific business, or a general business area. Developing IT infrastructure potential and capacity is an essential prerequisite in addressing the tasks involved in digital transformation at a faster pace, both in conjunction with our partners and by using our own technological capabilities.”
Andrei Belevtsev
Andrei Belevtsev Chief Digital Officer, Gazprom Neft
“The ability to change fast, and the flexibility and adaptability of a company’s IT strategy with regard to specific tasks is an important precondition to achieving success in taking an innovative path in development. The foundation has been laid to establish a balanced structure for Gazprom Neft’s IT-cluster, and it is extremely important that this process should, already, start delivering tangible results. Ongoing operational and organisational change is integral to Gazprom Neft’s business development strategy, and is directed at securing the company’s leadership — in terms of efficiency and innovation — at the global level.”
Anton Dumin
Anton Dumin Heod of Information Technologies, Automation and Telecommunications Department, Gazprom Neft