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Gazprom Neft expands cooperation with the Murmansk Oblast

Press-release Partnership

Gazprom Neft CEO Alexander Dyukov and Murmansk Oblast Governor Andrey Chibis have signed a Cooperation Agreement at the 2021 St Petersburg International Economic Forum covering import-substitution in motor oils and supplying the Murmansk Oblast with advanced bitumen materials.

Gazprom Neft will increase supplies of its own-brand Gazpromneft and G-Energy oils and lubricants, designed for servicing various kinds of industrial equipment and transport vehicles. Marine lubricants will be covered separately.

The company supplies lubricants and service fluids to mining and processing facilities, roadbuilding and transport companies throughout the Murmansk Oblast, selling 2,000 tonnes of high-tech motor and industrial lubricants in 2020, and supplying more than 600 tonnes of Gazpromneft Ocean marine lubricants to the Port of Murmansk.

This agreement with the Murmansk Oblast also envisages expanding the use of Gazprom Neft’s innovative bitumens in transport infrastructure, housing and public utilities, and general construction. Gazprom Neft supplied the Murmansk Oblast with high-tech mastics, sealants and bitumen docking tapes, in addition to basic bitumens, throughout 2020. The company plans to continue cooperation with local roadbuilding companies, including in offering its own cold-in-place recycling and soil-stabilisation technologies in building high-quality, reliable roads.

“The Murmansk Oblast is home to the country’s main Arctic transportation hub. Plans to increase transportation of Russian freight along the Northern Sea Route, together with proactive development of the local port, demand increasing supplies of Gazprom Neft’s high-quality marine lubricants. No less important is expanding road transport infrastructure. Gazprom Neft typically selects individual bitumen and asphalt-mix formulations for specific regions — something that is particularly important and directly relevant to the Murmansk Oblast, with its severe climate. I have no doubt that our partnership is going to contribute to the full and integrated development of the local economy, and will ensure the durability of surface coverings on the new roads that are going to be built with Gazprom Neft’s materials.”
Alexander Dyukov
Alexander Dyukov Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft
“Our agreement with Gazprom Neft gives a good indication of the high level of industrial development in this region. What is critically important is not just increasing productivity, but also ensuring proper servicing of advanced equipment. We have also agreed that Gazprom Neft will supply our roadbuilding companies with the best and most advanced bitumen-enhanced surfacing materials, meaning post-repair road quality and durability will be significantly improved. The main difficulty facing road construction in the Murmansk Oblast is the multiple fluctuations in temperature — dropping below zero — and rutting. Gazprom Neft’s extensive investigations make clear that their bitumen is suitable for diverse climatic conditions.”
Andrey Chibis
Andrey Chibis Governor, Murmansk Oblast