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Gazprom Neft increases production of environmentally friendly marine fuels

Gazprom Neft’s Moscow Refinery has begun production of much sought-after environmentally friendly marine fuel. Thanks to its lower sulphur content, this fuel will be used on international as well as domestic shipping routes. The first consignment, of 10,000 tonnes, has been shipped to customers in the Port of St Petersburg by Gazpromneft-Marine Bunker, operator of the Gazprom Neft bunkering business. The Moscow Refinery is expected to produce 100,000 tonnes of hybrid marine fuel — manufactured to the company’s own bespoke formulation — by the end of 2021.

Production and blending of this hybrid marine fuel (which has a sulphur content of less than 0.5%) has, until now, been handled at the Omsk Refinery and at Gazpromneft-Marine Bunker’s terminals in St Petersburg and Novorossiysk. Gazprom Neft saw a 3.5-fold increase in production of low-sulphur and ultra-low-sulphur marine fuels in 2020, reaching 1.1 million tonnes and, on that basis, covering more than 20% of total demand on the domestic shipping market.

Manufacturing of this cutting-edge fuel is one of the outcomes of the Moscow Refinery’s modernisation programme — additional measuring and control equipment, as well as a further 400 metres of pipelines, having been installed to allow its production.

“Gazprom Neft was among the first to bring low-sulphur marine fuel — meeting global environmental standards — to market in Russia. Thanks to their high quality and optimum formulations, our products enjoy consistent demand, and are supplied to most Russian ports. Mastering production of a new hybrid fuel at the Moscow Refinery — following on from the Omsk Refinery — is giving us the chance to optimise logistics and expand our sales coverage, resulting in additional volumes of a high-quality domestic product for the Russian shipping market.”
Anatoly Cherner
Anatoly Cherner Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft