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Gazprom Neft increases trademark registrations in Russia and abroad

A study by international law firm Baker & McKenzie has revealed Gazprom Neft to be one of the leading oil companies in Russia and Europe in terms of the number of trademarks registered and trademark applications submitted. Gazprom Neft’s portfolio currently includes more than 2,500 trademarks and trademark registration applications submitted within the Russian Federation and worldwide — among the highest figures not just for industrial companies, but also for a range of companies in retailing and consumer goods.

Baker & McKenzie experts analysed trademark-application filing volumes, together with data from patent offices, in Russia, China, Europe and the Middle East. In addition to the leading oil majors — including, in particular, Shell, BP, LUKOIL, Rosneft — the survey also covered companies from other sectors, including consumer goods producers Magnit, M.Video, Leroy Merlin, X5 Retail Group, Unilever and Amway.

Gazprom Neft was among the top-three oil companies in terms of registrations submitted. As noted by specialists at Baker & McKenzie, Gazprom Neft demonstrated the best performance in terms of the number of trademark applications submitted within the oil and gas industry, and the degree of protection secured for the design elements of these. The company also led the market in terms of trademark registrations through the Madrid System, which covers as many as 122 jurisdictions.

This level of brand protection means the company is able to successfully develop its fuel, lubricants and petroleum products business, while also ensuring intellectual property is fully protected when preparing to launch the company’s proprietary technological developments on the market. Early 2020 saw Gazprom Neft obtain trademark registration for its flagship “Cognitive Geologist” AI project. This programme uses probabilistic calculations to created detailed digital field models, cutting geological-analysis lead times from six months to 14 days.

The company has also previously secured trademark protection for a number of its digital products, including its “Digital Oil” project and its “Electronic Asset Development” programme, covering key aspects of geological prospecting, geology, drilling, development, oil production and surface facilities.

“Intellectual property is becoming ever more important in increasing the company’s capitalisation, as well as in securing competitive advantage. Our brand management strategy involves a proactive approach to registering and protecting IP rights in every area in which we operate. We register every creative or technological development our production and marketing divisions come up with. That way, the company protects its best ideas, and its own unique competencies.”
Alexander Dybal
Alexander Dybal member of the Management Board