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Gazprom Neft introduces a unique asset-development forecasting digital platform

The Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Centre has created a unique IT system — “ERA: ProActive” for the integrated data analysis of hydrocarbon reserves. Cognitive algorithms built into the programme facilitate the timely evaluation of confirmed reserves and forward planning in developing major and new assets, with multiple factors taken into account. The programme optimises up to 90 percent of routine operations in analysing reserves.

Data on Gazprom Neft’s resource base includes the results of thousands of investigations since 1981 — i.e., information on reserve volumes, assets’ geological features, and the physical and chemical properties of oil and gas. Evaluating that amount of data in addressing ongoing tasks has, hitherto, taken up a large part of working time.

The ERA: ProActive programme makes it possible to optimise the resource base and put in place a strategy for its further development. The programme includes constantly updated information on all company assets. Based on a comprehensive production forecast, and an overview of the current status of the business’s resource base, algorithms have been developed that make it possible to take a balanced approach to replenishing reserves, maintaining and expanding production at an asset in the long term.

The new tool will help geologists, developers, economists, production managers and government agencies in addressing the issues they face, with the tool adaptable for any database, including a nationwide one.

The project is being undertaken as part of the company’s “ERA” technology initiative,* with St Petersburg State University partnering the project in developing software. The programme — and the corresponding trademark — have been registered with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent).

“We are the first in the industry to development a programme that makes it possible to see the company’s full resource base, at any point in time. There simply hasn’t been anything like this before. This is a major step forward in resources management, not just for our company but for the industry as a whole. Representatives from the relevant ministries have, already, seen our programme and will be able to use this solution in developing a similar, industry-wide programme, in the future. This new IT system will be able to be used as a commercial product, which we will offer on the open market, going forward.”
Alexei Vashkevich
Alexei Vashkevich Head of Technological Development, Gazprom Neft
“The success of any project in software development is based both on the professionalism of its participants, and on the appropriate selection of the development process and tools. Together with specialists from the Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Centre, we have been able — in the shortest possible time — to put an effective team in place and set up the process, based around a flexible methodology. I would point out that developing a system without any precedents or alternatives has been innovative and creative work, made possible thanks to ongoing open and constructive dialogue with our partners. As a result of which, we now have a specialist IT system displaying large volumes of data visually, in a user-friendly format.”
Marat Nemeshev Senior Lecturer, Department of Software Engineering, St Petersburg State University, and coordinator of the development team on the project
Notes for editors

* The “Electronic Asset Development (EAD or ERA)” initiative is Gazprom Neft’s strategy for developing digital initiatives in exploration and production, covering all key areas of activity including geological prospecting, geology, drilling, development, production, and installation of surface facilities.. Approximately 40 projects are currently in hand under the ERA initiative.