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Gazprom Neft IT projects among the winners at the all-Russia Global CIO competition

Gazprom Neft has won Russia’s most important IT competition, Global CIO, with three company projects — for the first time in the competition’s history — being simultaneously named “Project of the Year” by Russia’s IT-director community.

IT solutions from Gazprom Neft, up against 220 projects from competition finalists, were recognised as the best in the “Analytical Solutions and Big Data”, “Services and Outsourcing”, and “IT Projects in Import Substitution” categories.

“Gazprom Neft’s victory at the all-Russia Global CIO competition — in three nominations at once — is the result of concerted and coordinated efforts by cross-functional IT teams and internal customers. It says much that those projects receiving awards were all implemented by Gazprom Neft’s own in-house developer teams. These offer integrated solutions, delivering major improvements for our business processes’ efficiency and reliability.”
Kirill Kravchenko
Kirill Kravchenko Deputy CEO for Administration, Gazprom Neft

The nomination in business service solutions and outsourcing was won by an “Integrated Platform Implementation” project, based on ESB and API management technologies — an innovative approach making it possible to combine and integrate all information platforms throughout the Gazprom Neft Regional Sales Directorate, facilitating automatic data interchange (ADI), with minimal labour costs.

Best project in import substitution went to a solution for collating, storing and processing data using “in-memory” technology, in real time. The introduction of high-performance distributed systems — a solution from Gazprom Neft’s own development specialists — has significantly increased internal analytical reporting lead-times.

The third project ranked among the best by Global CIO experts was a “Smart Data Lake”, awarded under the Analytical Solutions and Big Data nomination. This project represents the first integrated platform in Russia to include data processing, storage and analytics components (a Data Lake and data storage facility), and an Advanced Analytics laboratory (Data Science), working in close integration with data-management system components (Data Governance). The Smart Data Lake creates a flexible infrastructure for various analytical tasks, while systematically improving data quality — making it possible to develop and deploy personalised client solutions to improve operational efficiency throughout the Gazprom Neft filling station network and other sales businesses.

Notes for editors

Global CIO is a professional community of leaders in digital transformation, bringing together more than 10,000 members. The Global CIO IT directors’ professional community was created in 2010, and has since become widely respected and recognised among IT professionals. The community’s “business card” is the “Project of the Year” competition, involving IT solutions and developments from various companies in Russia and the CIS. More than 900 IT directors presented projects in 2019.

An enterprise service bus (ESB) implements a communication system between mutually interacting software applications in a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

API management is the process of creating and publishing web application programming interfaces (APIs).

Data Governance components include tools such as data-quality management systemsb (with business-rule management and monitoring), metadata management systems, business glossaries, and user-portals for data retrieval.