Gazprom Neft launches a new aviation-fuel quality-control system

Gazpromneft-Aero, operator of the Gazprom Neft aviation refuelling business, has launched an integrated laboratory information system (LIS) for analysing the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of aviation fuel. This digital system — unique to Russia’s aviation industry — allows the collation and analysis of laboratory research data to be automated, in real time. Twenty-eight testing laboratories throughout the company’s aviation refuelling complexes at Russia’s largest airports are to be connected to the new system.

The LIS’ analytical algorithms monitor the analysis of each batch of aviation fuel against 13 criteria, comparing these against GOST standards and generating electronic quality “passports”. Standard digital templates, with built-in formulae, are used in processing results. Laboratory specialists receive an alert from the system in the event of any deviation from norm. Thanks to the LIS’ integration with the Gazprom Neft “Neftekontrol” system, ongoing fuel-quality control is guaranteed, from refinery to aircraft wing-tip.

Domestic digital solutions and software were used in developing the LIS. The system analyses and stores information on personnel, equipment and testing conditions for oil products at each of Gazpromneft-Aero’s laboratories.

“In the interests of ensuring flight safety, our laboratories perform more than 10,000 aviation-fuel tests every year. This new information system will make it possible to consolidate and analyse all of this data, in real time. This digital aviation-fuel quality-control facility will be an important element in the integrated environment around the ‘Digital Tank Farm’ concept, which includes satellite monitoring and mass-metering of airfield tankers, and a system of digital receivers at key metering and control stations.”
Vladimir Egorov
Vladimir Egorov Director General, Gazpromneft-Aero
Notes for editors

Gazpromneft Aero is a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft. The company has been providing aircraft refuelling services and selling aviation fuel at airports since 1 January, 2008. Gazpromneft Aero has been an aviation-fuel strategic partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) since December 2008. Gazpromneft-Aero is the leading aviation fuel supplier on the Russian market in terms of its retail sales. The company’s operational activities are fully compliant with the highest safety standards in fuelling operations: Green.

The Gazprom Neft Neftekontrol system means oil can be monitored at every stage — from its acceptance at refineries through to the shipment, intake, storage and despatch of oil products from tank farms, and delivery to end-consumers. The Gazprom Neft Neftekontrol system is operated by the Gazprom Neft Downstream Efficiency Control Centre. Specialists at the Centre are responsible for controlling every technology involved in the value chain. The Centre’s work is directed at improving business efficiency through cutting-edge data-analysis technologies, predictive analysis and work with Big Data, to create a single and cohesive digital platform for managing efficiency.