Gazprom Neft’s anti-COVID-19 programme

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Gazprom Neft offers anti-COVID air purification at its 2021 SPIEF stand

Gazprom Neft has deployed innovative air purification systems at and around its exhibition stand at this year’s St Petersburg International Economic Forum — similar to systems being used on its Arctic Prirazlomnoye platform, which protect inhaled air from COVID-19, bacteria, and chemical impurities.

This technology is based around molecular air purification, involving the complete oxidation and chemical and microbiological pollutants down to their simplest elements, including water and atmospheric nitrogen. The system’s efficacy has been confirmed by Rospotrebnadzor and the Gamaleya Research Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology, and means visitors to Gazprom Neft’s stand can enjoy safe, clean air matching Category A medical-grade standards (as used in sterilised areas).

This transition to new air purification systems at Gazprom Neft’s offices and facilities forms part of the company’s “Antivirus” programme against COVID-19 — this measure, in conjunction with other barriers against the spread of COVID-19, having made it possible to avoid outbreaks throughout the company.

Voluntary vaccinations in the run-up to the SPIEF have resulted in more than 70% of Gazprom Neft employees developing antibodies against COVID-19 — providing a further level of protection for partners and guests visiting or meeting in person at or around the company’s stand.

Notes for editors

Gazprom Neft uses its SPIEF-2021 exhibition stand to host its “Digital Twins” art project:

The stand’s façade is transformed into a neural-networked digital “mirror”, showing ever-changing images of the people walking towards it. Sensors positioned around the stand’s perimeter collect information from the surrounding space, allowing the neural network — concurrently — to maintain focus on all nearby bystanders, process their movements, and create digital twins of each of them on the stand’s media façade. Video: