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Gazprom Neft opens a digital art gallery in St Petersburg

The “Zifergauz” digital art gallery opened in the historic “Dom 12” building on New Holland Island on 1 October 2021. This new public space will host exhibitions by Russian and international media artists, as well as film screenings, lectures and masterclasses.

The Zifergauz Gallery was opened by Gazprom Neft following its establishment of the digital transformation centre of the same name on New Holland Island at the beginning of the year. This high-tech community space is equipped with projection screens in various formats, as well as innovative projector shuttles and concert acoustics.

The gallery’s first art project is “Digital Twins” — a collaboration between Gazprom Neft and internationally renowned Russian media artist Maxim Zhestkov. The idea behind “Digital Twins” is to give the viewer the opportunity to see themselves through the eyes of artificial intelligence (AI) and become a co-author of six virtual worlds — a process helped by a neural network using light detection and ranging together with sensors to process data and transform gallery guests’ movements and steps into colourful avatars, onscreen.

The exhibition also includes permanent installations created by designer Sasha Frolova, including the kinetic “Kaleidoscope”, imitating the fountains of Peterhof, and “Eye” — a space comprising 323 reflective planes.

The Zifergauz will update two or three key exhibitions, every year, with the gallery planning to bring both iconic and new works from international digital stars from the US, Europe and Japan to Russia. Gazprom Neft is also launching an “accelerator” for emerging designers and artists, with the best young artists getting the opportunity to develop and show their first personal exhibitions at the Zifergauz. This grant-aided support for the creative industries forms part of the global trend behind the International Year of Creative Economy, which has brought together initiatives from more than 100 countries around the world throughout 2021.

The gallery’s mission is to make the best art projects in the world, as well as new talents in Russian media art, accessible to everyone — so entrance to all exhibitions will be free of charge.

“Our gallery will be the centre of the company’s extensive digital industries’ development programme. As well as inviting media-arts stars to Russia, the Zifergauz team will support talented artists from St Petersburg and the regions. We’ll be announcing a competition for young artists as soon as next year —with the winner receiving a grant, as well as the chance to bring their most daring ideas to life in our technology space.”
Elena Ilyukhina
Elena Ilyukhina Member of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft
“Digital art is the future. That doesn’t mean conventional art is going to disappear. The mainstream trajectory will change, drawing the main creative and art-related trends towards the digital world. The Zifergauz Gallery is conceived as an institution exploring, demonstrating and shaping these trends.”
Dmitry Ozerkov
Dmitry Ozerkov Zifergauz Gallery Art Director
Notes for editors

The Zifergauz Gallery is on the 3rd floor of “Dom 12” on New Holland Island, Admiralteysky Canal Embankment, 2i, bldg. 12—12a.

Opening hours: Tues — Sun: 11:00 — 21:00, Monday — closed. Free exhibition tickets can be ordered through

An online queue will limit all sessions to a maximum 30 guests at any one time while epidemic restrictions remain in place. Medical masks must be worn while on Zifergauz premises. Cutting-edge purification and recirculation systems have been installed throughout the halls to project our guests from COVID-19. Hand sanitisers and non-contact temperature checks are also available at the entrance.