Gazprom Neft opens a high-tech fuel terminal in the Sverdlovsk Oblast

Gazprom Neft has commissioned its upgraded “Nizhny Tagil” fuel terminal in the Urals Federal Okrug, facilitating supplies of gasoline and diesel fuels to the Sverdlovsk Oblast and the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. The modernised logistics complex is now one of the most cutting-edge, high-tech fuel-infrastructure facilities in the region. Thanks to its expanded tank farm and the deployment of new petroleum-product storage and transhipment systems, efficiency at the terminal is up 50%, meaning more than 300,000 tonnes of fuel can now be shipped to customers (retail filling-station networks and industrial enterprises) every year. Gazprom Neft’s total investment in modernising the Nizhny Tagil terminal stands at more than ₽3 billion.

The project has involved updating key equipment at the terminal — including petroleum-product storage facilities (running to a total capacity of 20,000 cubic metres), a rail overpass, and fuel-loading points for road transport. The new terminal’s advanced vapour recovery systems eliminate any environmental impacts. The control system has been fully updated, and fuel traffic records fully automated. All fuel operations are monitored using digital receivers, with information on gasoline and diesel volumes and quality feeding into the Gazprom Neft “Neftekontrol” system, in real time.

“Strategy for developing Gazprom Neft’s logistics network envisages full-scale terminal modernisation throughout 17 of Russia’s regions, including projects already completed in the Sverdlovsk and Leningrad Oblasts. This will significantly increase supplies of our fuels to local retail and small-wholesale markets. We’re now working on building terminals in the Keremovo and Tyumen Oblasts, and expect to commission these in 2023. Total investment in developing Gazprom Neft’s terminals network is expected to reach ₽50 billion by 2030.”
Alexander Krylov
Alexander Krylov Head of the Gazprom Neft Regional Sales Directorate